All our photo scenes are photographed with digital Hasselblad cameras. By combining several partial shots of the characters, large-format composings can be created, with an size of up to 1 Gigapixel.. or even more. Our minimum standard size for a composing is 129.6 x 181.8 cm, based on {A4 + 3mm margin bleed on all sides} x 6 in both directions (somewhat larger than double A-0). This way, the composings can either be used for A4 size printed books (or A3, or something inbetween, with the same proportions) and for extremely large-format exhibition prints.

Our book The Ultimate Dracula is available in bookshops or through Amazon: USA -- Canada -- United Kingdom -- Germany.

For six other books, the post-production work for all depicted characters and background has been completed, so that we only have to do the book lay-out:

For four further projects, the image post-production has almost been completed:

Further projects already photographed:

Stand-alone monumental scenes (ca. 250 x 400 cm):