Network members of MOON LAKE editions:

(Johanna Hausner):

Peter Gerlesberger:

Lena Güntsche:

Johanna lives in Passau near the German-Austrian border. She has been acting as a model in a series of highly unusual photo projects organised by her friend Peter Gerlesberger and other colleagues. Because of her broad experience and passion for photography, she is a most valuable partner in creative brainstormings and a constant source of inspiration for the artists working with her.

Peter is a photographer and professional media designer. He has created a truely amazing  nude photography portfolio and is one of the rare artists designing complete photo stories and humorous large-scale compositions, together with his partner Johanna. Since we share so many ideas together, Peter and Johanna have volunteered many times to play parts in our projects.

Like Nadine Herbst, Lena started as in intern in our photo studio and quickly acquired the skills needed in photo post production. She especially worked on the Edgar A. Poe, the Decameron, the Fabliaux and the Alice in Wonderland projects. Both her parents being architects in Mainz, she has a passion for drawing and design. Her next step is to study theatre stage design.



Corina Dudas:

Anton Janzen:

Eva Tillmann:

For most of our shootings, Corina was in charge of hair and make-up. Moreover, she saw to it that new models felt at home and comfortable. She assisted in picking the right costumes and colours for every type and every role and was our stand-in person whenever a model needed a partner for a scene. Last not but least, she was our celebrated cook whenever a large team after a long shooting day suddenly realised it was hungry. Now that we focus more on post production rather than photographing, she still keeps an eye on our well-being:)

As can readily be seen from this picture, Anton is our Technical Director. Originating from Russia, Anton has been living for more than 20 years in Bavaria now. As a technical engineer, he is our genius for all hardware and software questions. Anton has built our quadcore, six-core and eight-core workstations, which allow us to handle image files up to 12 Gigabyte each. Besides, he runs a company for large-scale photo prints. With his new HP 64-inch colour printer, we are able to produce large-size exhibition prints on paper or canvas.

Eva is an old friend, involved in our studio projects since 1995, when we worked on the Rodin Nude Photo Project. Originally trained as a stone sculptor herself, Eva has switched to digital media and works at Terzio Children's Book Publishers in Munich as their graphic designer. Through her work, she knows the market for illustrated books and multi-media editions. We co-operate on an informal level, exchanging ideas and contacts at our summer grill parties or other events.

Roy Hessing:

Markéta Pechova:

Reinhold Koch:

Roy is another Dutchman who came to live in Munich. He studied Photography and Media Design in Holland and now heads the Visual Documentation Department in the Museum of Sculpture Casts of  the Munich University. In this position, Roy is familair with the newest trends in digital media design. Besides, he is the proud owner of an espresso machine developing enough pressure to shoot coffee cups to the moon:)

Markéta is a professional model for nude and lingery shoots. Living near Prague, she divides her time between photo jobs in Germany, New York and Los Angeles. She appeared in Playboy USA and Penthouse USA. In 2009, our studio has taken up co-ordinating her shootings in Munich. Right now, we are organising tour #10 for her. Since she knows all the ins and outs of commercial productions, her opinion is always valued. 

Reinhold was born and raised in Lünebürg near Hannover. He studied German Literature and Philosophy in Hamburg and Munich. A gifted writer himself, he is currently working on a novel about a pianist losing himself in his passion for music. For 15 years, Reinhold was a professional bookseller and helped build up three independent art book shops in Munich, e.g. the well-known Colibri Bookshop.