Founders of MOONLAKE editions:

Hans Corneel de Roos, MA:

Liudmila Baryshnikova, MA:

Nadine Herbst:

Born in Indonesia 1956 as a son of Dutch parents. Shortly after, the family had to move back to Holland. Hans studied Social Sciences and Philosophy in Amsterdam and Berlin, graduating cum laude. Lived in an experimental artist commune in Amsterdam. In 1986, he moved to Munich, where he built up his own studio for artistic nude photography, with numerous group and solo exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Since January 2008, Hans focuses on visualising Grimm's Fairy Tales and other well-known stories and trains media design students in advanced photo composing techniques.

Liudmila is a photo artist in her own right, specialising in People, Events, Landscape and Travel Photography under her artist name Mila Pairan. Mila was raised and educated in Saint Peterbourg, studying theatre costume design, photo design and Art History. In 2008, she moved to Munich and joined our studio in June 2010 as a post-production artist. Mila is responsible for all the fine decorative detail in our Fairy Tale project and numerous creative ideas. When we think, an image is perfect, Mila always finds a way to improve it... and when we think it's hopeless, Mila finds a way to rescue it:-)

Nadine joined our studio in March 2011, to absolve an internship for her courses at the MacroMedia Academy for Media Design in Munich. Within a few days, we discovered that Nadine at age 18 already had more practical skills in Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign than most media designers twice her age. Born and raised in a little town in Bavaria, Nadine has done digital retouching since she was 14. She has an impressive visual talent, which especially shows in the "Dracula" Project she has worked on for six months. Moreover, she has done the lay-out for all our project presentation files.

Artistic statement:
"The photo art representing Germany at international exhibitions today - Andreas Gursky, Candida Höfer, Thomas Ruff - claims to uncover the anonymity of modern society and the mechanisms of representation, but for the public, it often is art without a face. The same goes for the Young British Artists: Who really cares for Martin Creed's empty room or for Tracey Emin's unmade bed? I found it fascinating and rewarding to work with Fairy Tales, with Poe's stories, with the Decameron: narratives connecting with people and their emotions.

Artistic statement:
"I started in Hans' studio in Summer 2010 and from the very first moment, I felt at home. Originally, I planned to work here for six months, but after sixteen monts now, I see no reason to go! Everyday, there is something new and interesting to discover. I very much like our young team and Hans gives everybody room for one's own creative ideas and skills in different fields: photography, literature, costume, set construction, graphic design and post production. For the models, our theatre approach is a new experience as well. This way, our studio can leave old clichés behind and produce something really original and authentic."

Artistic statement:
"Working with Hans and Mila is so much different from the internship I did before. Actually, I think none of my class mates during  this practical year had a job with so much freedom, but also with so much challenge. The shootings are very unusual, the image files are huge and still every detail has to be perfect. But the biggest challenge for me was to take responsibility for a complete project and to express my own opinion how an image had to look like. That meant much more to me than learning technical skills only and I must say, I am more than just a little bit proud that we managed to finish the "Dracula" series within ten months after the first shooting."