Before our publishing company was registered as a company (in 2011), our photo studio and graphic atelier already existed for two decades: In 2016, we will celebrate 25 years of Visual Media / Kreativ Studio München!

Based on Hans's long-year positive experience with student assistants and interns in other fields (since 1995), he decided also to offer internships in his Digital Sculpture Project and his photo studio and publishing enterprise. See list below for the names of the young people who took part in museum travels, were trained in our studio or engaged on a free-lance basis, and contributed their creativity.

INTERNSHIPS TODAY: Thanks to the experience collected during twenty years, internships are more attractive than ever now:

Our internships are especially interesting for students in the field of photography, graphic design, print technique, media & communication design, industrial engineering, mechatronics, etc. We fulfill the requirements to host you here for the "Pflichtpraktika" of the Fachhochschule München, the MacroMedia Academy München and the SGU University, among others. We are also happy to take students from other fields, however, provided that you have an interest in art and photography or publishing and have already some basic experience with the necessary software.

If you want to know more about our internship programme, just write us an email!

Your Moonlake Editions Team

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Summer 2013: Calvin Kwan

Summer 2013: Calvin Kwan

Summer 2014: with Amanda, Pienette & Lounette

Summer 2014: with Amanda, Pienette & Lounette

Our atelier, seen from the garden

Our atelier, seen from the garden

Having lunch outside

Summer 2014: Having lunch outside, with Amanda, Pienette & Lounette

Petre from Bucharest

Winter 2014/2015: Petre from Bucharest

Cooking experiments # I

Summer 2014: Cooking experiments # I

Cooking experiments # II

Summer 2014: Cooking experiments # II

Our garden in winter

Winter 2014/2015: Our garden in winter

The Digital Sculpture Project (2002-2008): Alida Kreutzer, Doreen Dörfler, Esther Dieckhoff, Petra Vankova (Art History); Kathrin Schmid, Caroline Bleese and Carolin Kratz (Photography); Susanne Krüger and Marc Philipp Ross (Video Cutting); Nadine Kupfer and Judith Schmidt (Flash Website); Rosi Millig (Administration).

Photo studio, image post-production and publishing (2008-2015): Nina Nebas, Kristina Yurochkin (Ukraine), Inga Balaklav (Moldova), Sophie Keilbar, Max Lorenz, Alex Heinemann, Anton Janzen, Rudi Bittenbinder, Thomas Ulrich, Alexander Ries, Valentin Rößler, Angelus Rudlaff, Atanas Zhelyakov (Ukraine), Gabor Szeiler (Ungarn), Johannes Mairhofer, Theresa Schoy, Andi Schöppel, Kathrin Heck, Miriam Nadegger (Austria), Okan Toker (Turkey), Miriam Bergler, Liudmilla Baryshnikova (Russia), Nadine Herbst, Angie Kammerer, Miriam Bergler, Lena Güntsche, Sonja Hofmann, Sara Obermair, Seonaid Buchanan (UK), Arina Duggins (USA), Yena Kwak (Korea), Calvin Kwan (Indonesia), Pierre Eke (Togo), Mary Dang (Vietnam/California), Danijel Istok (Croatia), Petre Tutunea (Romania), Amanda Larasari (Indonesia), Pienette Coetzee & Lounette Loubser (South-Africa).